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About Us

We established Mindre Candle Co. in 2021, when we thoroughly understood the value of personal space and moments, in order to accompany all pleasant moments. 
After nearly a year of research and experimentation, we created our content by carefully selecting environmentally friendly herbal materials.
We worked with local producers and artists in all processes, from the content of the candles to the packaging, and gave importance to the locality of our products.

The purpose of our name being Mindre, which means "less, smaller" in Danish and Swedish, is actually to remind you that a candle can accompany you in precious times that will be remembered for a long time and in big dreams to be established. We wanted to share it with you while reminding ourselves that sometimes a familiar scent and sometimes a sparkle reflected in your glass will be enough to travel to your beautiful memories and dream exciting dreams.

We use 100% soy wax, 100% cotton wick and International Fragrance Association (IFRA) certified herbal essences in our candles. In this way, when your candle is lit, you will have a pleasant experience that is non-toxic and harmless to inhale, unlike paraffin candles.

We did not try any ingredients tested on animals at any stage of production, we only used herbal products. We are happy to be able to call our candles environmentally friendly, vegan and local production.


In the first work of our first collection, Mindre Artist Series, by choosing different essences, we referred to women from different cultures and their dreams. In order to draw attention to an equal world where all dreams can come true, we decided to donate a portion of the profit from each sale from Mindre Artist Series to the education of women and girls in Turkey. 

We will continue to strive to be beneficial to the world with every product we add to our collection.

eco-friendly / hand-made 

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