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Privacy Policy

Within the scope of this Privacy Policy (Mindre Candle Co.- Eylül Elif Eracar) (“Company”) (“Company”) and operated by the Company [] , all products/services that use the Company's products/services applies to persons (“Buyer”). When the buyer purchases this website, its products or uses its services; or when it communicates with the Company, the Company collects information about the Buyer and the nature of the transaction within the scope of today's technical possibilities. The Buyer, whose personal information and data is provided by the Company and/or its current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, business partners, successors, services and activities, and ancillary services in the manner and for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, Program partner organizations and other third parties operating within and/or abroad (including, but not limited to, our legal and tax consultants, banks, independent auditors, manufacturers, manufacturers, designers, and service and goods suppliers that we have or may cooperate with in order to provide services to you. ) and/or third parties/organizations to be determined by them, and/or their processing, storage, preservation, classification, disclosure, storage and in this context, sharing with third parties and transferring them to domestic and abroad for processing purposes.

Personal information transmitted by the Buyer to the Company electronically will not be disclosed to third parties, except for the purposes and scope determined by this Privacy Policy.

Personal information; Recipient's name-surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, identity number, name of the internet service provider used, IP address, accessed date and time, profile picture, payment method, device information or other information transmitted by the Buyer, and the Buyer It contains all kinds of other information to identify .

The Company will be able to use Confidential Information within its own body in order to determine the Buyer profile and to carry out statistical studies, to the extent and in the manner permitted by the legislation and the Buyer.  Confidential Information Obtained through the Application By the Company's affiliated companies or partners may be collected, used, processed and stored as permitted by the legislation and the Buyer in order to determine the security and accuracy of the transactions.

The Company cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites/applications/advertisements referenced or linked within the application.

Keeping Company Confidential Information strictly private and confidential, considering it a confidentiality obligation, and ensuring and maintaining confidentiality, all or any part of Confidential Information entering the public domain or unauthorized use, or any third party undertakes to take the necessary measures and to show due diligence to prevent its disclosure. However, despite the fact that the Buyer does not take the necessary precautions against viruses and similar harmful applications in order to prevent the recipient from accessing the information via his own device, and the Company takes the necessary information security measures, as a result of the attacks on the system, confidential information is damaged or third parties receive it. case, the Company will not be liable.

The Company is required to disclose the Confidential Information of the Buyer (a) pursuant to applicable laws or regulations or a judicial decision or administrative order, and/or (b) with the Buyer's consent; and/or (c) in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or (d) in accordance with the conditions separately regulated in the "User Agreement", which can be accessed through the Company's website, and/or use it.

The Company obtains information about the Buyer and the Buyer's use of the services offered by using a technical communication file (Cookie). The technical communication file can be used to obtain statistical information.

As a result of the third parties' use of the information disclosed by the Buyer in public areas, shared in comments or messages, and the Buyer's name, password, etc. used when creating the Buyer record. The Company is not responsible for any damages that may arise in case of sharing the information with third parties.

The Company may review and use the Buyer's use of the Company's products and services to make recommendations to the Buyer.

The Company may examine the personal information and data of the Buyer who violates the User Agreement or Privacy Policy or is the subject of a complaint by other Buyers.

The Company may update, amend or repeal the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. In these cases, the Buyer will be notified via the services/products or by other means such as e-mail. Any provision that is updated, changed or repealed will become effective for Buyer at the time of publication. The Buyer's continued use of the Company's services or products after the change shall mean his consent to the changes.

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